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one camp

Analog studio for live recordings 16-24 tracks. 

Live recordings, voicing, dub and modern productions.

The One Camp Studio is located in Zurich Affoltern and is the home base of our productions. In the 24-track analog sound studio we can realize everything from modern digital productions to live recordings with band.

Recording & Mixing


We offer live recording and mixing. From singer, DJ to the whole band you can realize your project as desired with us.


Audio Samples:

Elijah Salomon – Drive



Recording Software

Logic Pro X, Steinberg Nuendo10, 

Mastering: Steinberg Wavelab Pro10



Power Mac 


Motu 896 Mk3 / 8 in 8 out / optical / Usb Fire Wire

Motu Traveler

Mixing Console

Amek Tac Scorpio 32 IN / 8 Bus / 8 Aux / 


Pre Amps 

Avalon V5, Millennia TD-1, Millennia STT1, Avalon VT-737SP, UniversalAudio LA-610 MK2



Lexikon / Alesis EFX

Sony 4 Ch., Quantec Yardstick 2ch AES/EBU (digital)


TC Electronics D2, Lexicon Prime Time II, Roland R-201 Space Echo 



Urei Little Dipper, Millennia STT1, Avalon VT-737SP,



TC Electronics Gold Channel, 2x Drawmer DL241 



2x Drawmer DL241, TC Electronics Gold Channel, Millennia STT1, Avalon VT-737SP, UniversalAudio LA-610 MK2, UREI 1176LN Blackface, UREI 1176LN Silverface, UREI 1178, TC Electronics Tripel C Multiband Compressor



Studer für Nearfield, MC2 für Main, 



Urei 811-B 

Strauss SE-NF-3 

Dynaudio m3


Nearfield monitors



Tape 16-24 Track

Soundcraft 24ch 2“ Modular, 8tr Otari

Tape Stereo Track

Studer Kassette, Telefunken Magnetofon c20



Brauner VMX, Sony C37p, div. Sennheiser, Shure,

Rhode NTK etc

Do you need to prepare for a concert or a TV appearance or are you just looking for a place to rehearse with your band?


You can also rent our studio for rehearsals. Enclosed are the instruments that are available as backline. If desired, the rehearsals can also be recorded. 


Audio Samples: Micah Shemaiah & The Dreadites


Backline Liste 

Drum Set - Sonor 

  • Kick Drum 

  • HiTom 

  • Mid Tom 

  • Floor Tom 

  • Hi Hat 12” Zidjan 

  • Crash 16” Zidjan 

  • Crash 18” Zidjan 

  • Timbale LP 15” 

  • Snare Ludwing Supraphonic 

Percussion Set 

  • 2 Congas Meinl 

  • Bongos LP 

  • Shaker LP 

  • Woodblock LP 

  • Tambourin

Bass Amp Peavy Mark Series IV  & Acoustic Box

Guitar Amp Fender Twin 

Upright Piano – Burger Jacobi

Keyboard M1 Korg + Stand 

2 x Technics MK2 Plattenspieler & Mixer 




If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us directly:




Seebacherstrasse 491, 8046 Zürich


Price on request.

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