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Ras Charmer has worked his way from humble beginnings in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, to become an internationally in-demand success story. His vocal style is eclectic yet unique setting him apart from the many sound a likes on the Reggae scene. As a dedicated Follower of the Bobo Ashanti Mansion of Rastafari his lyrics attest to faith, love and struggle. He is pure in heart, word and action and audiences love him for it. His debut album was produced by legends Sly & Robbie and many songs from this recording are still rinsed regularly on Jamaican radio.Hit song ‘Mama’ blazed a trail for Ras Charmer with a successful video, radio airplay and culminating in the track being featured on the soundtrack of the ‘Rude Boys’ film. Soon after Ras Charmer was invited over for a month long tour of Switzerland. His impact out there was so great that he was invited back for a longer tour and then to move there permanently in order to seize on the wealth of opportunities generated from his captivating performances. Ras Charmer has also been called to South Africa, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago and of course the UK. As the buzz built around Ras Charmer he has also joined top talents on stage and has performed alongside Capleton, LutanFyah, Junior Kelly, Luciano and Gentleman. In the studio he has recorded with Delly Ranx, Cali P and New Kingston.
Ras Charmer’s career highlights include performing at Sting (one of Jamaica’s greatest reggae shows), numerous appearances at Rototom Sunsplash(The European Reggae Festival), a nomination as ‘Best Comeback Artist’ at the Jamaican EME awards and featuring on European Reggae powerhouse, Mungo’s Hi Fi, debut album.
Added to his recorded works with some of the best Reggae production houses in Europe, Ras Charmer has recently released the album ‘Feeling Great’ and in collaboration with Peckings Records has released singles like ‘Keep I Calm’, ’Can’t Let It Go’ and ‘Love is All We Have’.All three tracks appear on the ‘Hard Knocks’ album produced on Peckings Record label, which marks another notch in their great history.
‘You’re A Part Of My Soul’was released as a single on the Flava Mcgregor Label, concurrently with Vinyl gems label releasing ‘Its Only Love’ in late 2016.
Ras Charmer’s latest project has been to premier his latest new videos ‘Such A Long Way’ and the title track ‘Hard Knocks’ from the album, which has been responsible for Ras Charmer being recognised and awarded runner up for Best UK Album 2019, adding to his previous award for Best International Culture Reggae Artist 2018 in UK –Feeling Great.
This Bobo Ashanti, Ras Charmer is blessed with great talent and he utilizes it tot he fullest. His story tells you so. If you get the chance to see this trailblazer don’t let it pass you by.


music is life
Music is Life (Binghi Mix) Cover BM.jpg
Music is Life

Jamaican Reggae artist Ras Charmer has dropped his latest release entitled “Music is Life” on One Camp Records, and produced by international artist and young veteran Elijah Salomon. The song’s message of celebrating the gift and beauty of life despite life’s struggles is one that is surely needed in today’s climate. 

The video was shot in the lush countryside of Jamaica highlighting the beauty of Mother Nature, which we all need a reminder to appreciate. Ras Charmer’s lyrics quote Reggae legend Bob Marley “every little thing is gonna be alright” which is a real upliftment for the soul and a welcomed injection of good vibes for the masses. After the 'Music Is Life Riddim' selection was released in December 2021. Now an acoustic Binghi mix of the song is out on One Camp Records and all plattforms.

music is lif riddim ras charmer
Music is Life_5TRKS 3000x3000_.jpg
Music Is Life – we’ve got the vibes!

The “Music Is Life Riddim” is a profound piece of music produced by swiss producer and artist Elijah Salomon. The raw wounds of a youthful heartbreak can be felt in the original score by Elijah. Listening to Elijah’s ‘Sie Isch Wäg’ (which means ‘She Is Gone’ in swiss german) still stirs the soul more than a decade after it was first released. This timeless riddim has been resurrected by a new generation of singers who have found their own unique grooves in the sounds of this masterpiece.

Jamaican artist Sycorah blends effortlessly with the essence of the riddim. In “Tell Me How You Feel” she asks the person she fell in love with if what she is feeling is true. A personal and intimate song that makes you feel very close to the talented and upcoming artist from Waterhouse.
Ras Charmer delivers with the title track: ”Music Is Life” a song that speaks of solidarity and shows that music heals wounds and is the best medicine. The message is underlined by a beautiful video clip in the green hills of Jamaica.

With “Jah Lebt” (Jah Lives) the German crew Raggabund is chanting that “Jah” is real and alive and that we shouldn't be intimidated by anything. The music was recorded by the Swiss backing band ”The Dubby Conquerors”. “Music Is Life” indeed has come full circle because this riddim is as emotionally and sonically relevant as it ever was.

The “Music Is Life Riddim” EP will be released on December 17th 2021 on the Swiss label One Camp Records and is available on all download and streaming platforms.

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