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one camp records

One Camp is an independent record label, recording studio and collective from Zurich, Switzerland.

The name represents what we are - a camp that unites many different people from different camps.


One Camp Records


The label was founded in 2014 by artist and producer Elijah Salomon. 

One Camp Records releases artists from all over the world. The music moves between reggae, dub, afro, dancehall and soul.


One Camp Records is a member of Indie Suisse, the association for independent music labels in Switzerland.



One Camp Studio


Analog recording studio in Zurich. 


One Camp Studio is located in Zurich Affoltern and is the home base of our productions.


In the 24-track analog recording studio we can realize everything from modern digital productions to live recordings with tape. 


The One Camp Crew is a collective of musicians, artists, songwriters, producers, sound engineers, DJ's, photographers and graphic designers. They are behind most of the productions from One Camp. Together we organize regular concert series, such as the "Musig und Znacht" concert series, where we bring together various artists from the local cultural scene in a small setting and with suitable cuisine.

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