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Edmund Brooks (Jamaica, 1953), better known as Mike Brooks, has been in the reggae music business for more than 50 years as an artist and producer. In 1969 he founded the Teams label with his long time friend Patrick 'Jah Lloyd' Francis. His debut single, The Earth Is The Fullness (Harvest, 1972), was produced by the legendary Lee 'Scratch' Perry and, despite not being a huge success, established him as a major talent in Jamaica.

It was at Channel One Studio that Mike Brooks really made his mark as a producer, creating riddims with the famous studio band The Revolutionaries between 1974 and 1977. Among the tracks produced during this time was The Mighty Diamonds' classic Shame and Pride, released under the Teams label.

His production skills took him to Duke Reid's Treasure Isle Studio, where he produced Night and Day with another of Jamaican popular music's most phenomenal and accomplished vocalists, Pat Kelly. The flip side of Night and Day was Jamming So voiced by Trinity. He has also worked at the Joe Gibbs studio. Mike Brooks' production credits include artists like Blacka Morvell (Wonderful World), Earl Chinna Smith & Soul Syndicates (Cool Running), Gladstone 'Gladdy' Anderson (Holly Mount Zion), BIM Sherman (Down In Jamdown), and Bobby Melody (Hunger And Strife).

During the early 90's he moved to London, where he became an active and indispensable force for reggae music in the UK and all over the globe, helping new emerging talent release music independently.

Mike Brooks has produced a lot of great music over the years, yet he remains one of the most accessible artists / producers in the business, always on the lookout for new talent, totally ignoring his own prolific ability as a vocalist, as he is gifted with one of the best falsetto voices. Since his beginnings he has released successful singles such as Guiding Star, Come Sister Love, Grooving, Open The Door or What a Gathering, and thirty albums.


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keep on rocking

In the late summer of 2022, L3exicon, the West Kingston-based artist, released the single "Jamaican". It tells about an arduous journey from Jamaica to Europe. Well, what's better on an arduous journey than the right music? This is exactly the question L3xicon asked himself and now delivers with the two remixes of the track two songs that make you nod your head instead of hanging - even if you have to wait for hours at the airports of the world. The dub mix was done by none other than John John, son of King Jammys.

L3xicon is known from his last single "Hard Ears" and as co-writer of many songs including "Shoot Out" by Mykal Rose.

Waking Talking
mike_brooks_Walking Talking_kl.jpg
walking talking

Veteran Jamaican artist and producer Mike Brooks releases a new album: Walking Talking. This work includes thirteen songs with the participation of great Jamaican musicians like Kirk Benett (Beres Hammond), Dean Fraser, Bongo Herman or Delroy ‘Pele’ Hamilton (Raging Fyah), and the Swiss bands The Dubby Conquerors and One Camp Crew.

Released by One Camp Records, the collaboration with this label began in 2008 and has resulted in an international sound that ranges from roots reggae and rub a dub (Respect, Mother Earth, Positive, King Man), to ska (Ruff & Ready), soul and r’n’b (Love You For Sure, Walking Talking, Just The Hype) to dancehall (I’m A Superstar).

The lyrics speak of love, respect, happiness and even Clarks shoes, a brand for which he works as a salesman. Mother Earth was written by Jaherra Brooks, his 12-year-old daughter, and Positive is the first song he and Elijah Salomon recorded together in 2008, leading to this long lasting collaboration.

With this album, the thirtieth of his career, Mike Brooks has surpassed 50 years of activity in reggae music, since he started with the legendary Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. In these five decades, Brooks has produced numerous artists and founded several labels, in addition to having a prolific discography.

Walking Talking is available on vinyl and on all digital platforms.

I'm A Superstar

Mike Brooks back with single as incomparable singer

Mike Brooks, singer and producer from Jamaica based in London, rings in the wait for his solo album "Walking Talking", which will be released early this summer, with the new single "I'm a Superstar".

"Clarks in the morning, Clarks in the afternoon, Clarks at nighttime, too". These lines certainly need no further explanation for the inhabitants of Jamaica. In Europe, however, you might wonder what that means exactly. Clarks is a London shoe brand. A shoe brand that has a high status on the Caribbean island state.

All those who wear Clarks in Jamaica also have the "style" and they are eager to wear the new models. But what does this have to do with Mike Brooks and his new single? For that, you have to take a look at his youth. Since he was 15 years old, he has been making music and selling the popular shoes from London on the side, shipping them to Jamaica in blue garbage cans and thus combining his two passions - being a singer and being a

salesman. In this way, Mike Brooks can fulfill the wishes of the Jamaicans and bring them the feeling that every single one of them can feel like a superstar with the latest shoes. Because as Mike Brooks sings: the shoes are worn always and everywhere.

The video for the single tells exactly this story. The shoe manufacturer was also so enthusiastic about the song that it immediately made a video for it. The song, which is the second single from the new album, was produced by Elijah Salomon. Here you can see and hear the whole thing. Enjoy it and feel the style!

Order the 7" vinyl in the shop.

Digital Download / Streaming

I'm a superstar
ruff & ready
Ruff & Ready

Reggae artist Elijah Salomon honors Ska with the release of “Drive” and “Ruff and Ready.”  Both songs honor the festive tradition of Ska.

Released on his One Camp Records record label, the two-song offering plays on the ‘swing’ of Ska.  The first song, “Drive” performed by Elijah tells the tale of a person filled with joy, happy that he is moving forward in life with nothing holding him back.  Elijah sings “I change the oil and I push the car back / me full ah joy caw me deh pon track / pushing forward / nothing caan stop ….”  Using the car as a metaphor, Elijah explains how positive energy can push a person forward.

The second release on the riddim comes from Mike Brooks.  His song “Ruff and Ready” takes a playful look at the physique of an attractive lady and the state he must be in to handle such a woman.  This song is structured in such a way that you will sing along to its repetitive lyrics!


The project has been pressed on vinyl with 200 limited edition copies.  “Drive” is on side ‘A’ and “Ruff and Ready” is on side ‘AA.’  Both songs were produced by Elijah Salomon and the One Camp Crew.  Sonically, you will be thrilled by the prominence of the saxophone.  Who else but Mr. Dean Fraser to offer this sweet Ska sound?!  Additional members of this ensemble include Eric Gut (Drums), Yhonni De Miranda (Bass), Roberto Honegger (Guitar), Julio Martins (Piano), Bongo Hermann (Percussion) and Seydou and Tamara Waterloo as backing vocalists.


P.S.  Does the artwork look familiar?  It was created by none other than famed Jamaican Cartoonist Clovis!  

TAPALAPA Riddim final.jpg
Tapalapa Riddim

One Camp Records presents the new riddim sampler Tapalapa Riddim featuring Queen Ifrica, Mike Brooks, Exco Levi, Elijah Salomon, Mr Tie, Sophia Brown, De Luca, Jah Ringo, Joe Ariwa & The Dubby Conquerors. Produced by Elijah Salomon & Ronald Thompson. This classic riddim is a must for every DJ and music lover! The sampler will be released on CD and digitally on June 1st 2018. You can order it here:

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