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Elijah, real name Elia Gunnar Salomon, was born in Zurich on 20.08.1986 as the son of an Italian father and a Swiss-Norwegian mother. Elijah is a multilingual singer and songwriter, singing mainly in Swiss German, English, Jamaican Creole (Patois) and Spanish. His style can be described as roots reggae which mixes with various styles such as dub, bossa nova, rap and blues. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, flute and congo drum) and songwriter, he also writes and produces most of his music himself.


Jamaica Remix Artwork_web.png
Jamaican - the remix

In the late summer of 2022, L3exicon, the West Kingston-based artist, released the single "Jamaican". It tells about an arduous journey from Jamaica to Europe. Well, what's better on an arduous journey than the right music? This is exactly the question L3xicon asked himself and now delivers with the two remixes of the track two songs that make you nod your head instead of hanging - even if you have to wait for hours at the airports of the world. The dub mix was done by none other than John John, son of King Jammys.

L3xicon is known from his last single "Hard Ears" and as co-writer of many songs including "Shoot Out" by Mykal Rose.

jamaican remix
Jamaican - L3xicon - Cover.jpg

Jamaica is a nation that has produced many great artists, athletes and freedom fighters over the decades and still has a great influence on art, fashion and food around the world. However, people from Jamaica still encounter so many difficulties when traveling around the world: Visas and thorough interrogations are just a few of the daily obstacles Jamaicans:in face when traveling around the world.

This is the topic that West Kingston-based artist and writer L3xicon sings about in his latest single, "Jamaican." Following his recent single "Hard Ears," L3xicon proves once again that he is a great storyteller. In his new song "Jamaican," he shares his experience with a troublesome immigration officer when he landed in Europe for a tour. Obstacles can't stop L3xicon though, music is his mission and no one can stop him.

The song was produced by Elijah Salomon and is released on One Camp Records.

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