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Jamaican based reggae singer "SYCORAH" is one of the scene´s breakout stars, she keeps it authentic; mixed with that old soul depth and mystical balance. Sycorah released the first single and official video for “Skin” (2017) from her debut album  “Rustique-Energy” which is released october 2. 2020. “Skin” is produced by Delroy "Phatta" Pottinger from Phattrax Records in Jamaica.  He also produced her second release “Undercover Lover” (2017). This single became the hot new scorcher on the David rodigan show on BBC 1xtra (2018) you can also find the official video for this track,  and also a live version video on the BBC 1Xtra YouTube channel by checking out this link,

And   "REVOLUTION"  her third release, 2018. that you can still hear championing on the David rodigan BBC 1xtra show.  Her distinctive smooth soulful Lovers Rock sound can be described as being reminiscent of Lauren Hill and the strong delivery compared to Diana King.  


"SYCORAH" was born Simone Samantha Daley to former teacher Desmond Daley and Singer Barbara Brown. She is the second of four children raised in Kingston 11, Jamaica. Her music career began in 2009 with an introduction to legendary Reggae producer Bobby Digital. She recalls, “Bobby Digital said I had a "fresh sound" and we started working together that very same night, in the studio.” She enjoyed working with Digital and went on to complete her first single "Satisfy You" (2010). It was brought to life on the airways by radio disc jockey Mighty Mike. The song played over the Tantric Rhythm on Irie FM.  

Sycorah was inspired by her parents.  Her late mother was a Dancehall artist known as “Sneaking Rachel.”  She managed Sycorah’s music career until she died. Her last words to her daughter were "You're going to be a star."  She also carries the words of her father who continues to be a forceful influence for her success. His motto of encouragement to her is “If you believe in something hard enough you will achieve it.”

In 2009 she recorded two dubs, "Healing" and "Your Fingers"  these were later released  in 2010  by producer Mike Brooks on the Coptic Lion Record Label. She changed her name to “Sycorah” which reflected her decision to pursue a professional music career, and she says she felt compelled to reinvent herself. She later went on to work with Ernie Wilks on a single called "Keep It on the Low"(2010) on the Rude Boy Rhythm on his label Mistawilks Productions. She says "That song is a tribute to my life in the employment environment. I must tell you, it was very rough as I searched for work to support my self and my music."

She also worked with producer/singer Elijah Salomon from Switzerland on a single called "Tell Me How You Feel” that has  been released (2018).  Sycorah is now in preparation for an upcoming tour internationally to promote her "album". And you can still see here performing on the tour

 (stop the crime and violence in our community) with queen Kamarla. 

 You will certainly be hearing more of this distinctive voice in 2021 and beyond.


Music is Life_5TRKS 3000x3000_.jpg
Music Is Life – we’ve got the vibes!

The “Music Is Life Riddim” is a profound piece of music produced by swiss producer and artist Elijah Salomon. The raw wounds of a youthful heartbreak can be felt in the original score by Elijah. Listening to Elijah’s ‘Sie Isch Wäg’ (which means ‘She Is Gone’ in swiss german) still stirs the soul more than a decade after it was first released. This timeless riddim has been resurrected by a new generation of singers who have found their own unique grooves in the sounds of this masterpiece.


Jamaican artist Sycorah blends effortlessly with the essence of the riddim. In “Tell Me How You Feel” she asks the person she fell in love with if what she is feeling is true. A personal and intimate song that makes you feel very close to the talented and upcoming artist from Waterhouse.

Ras Charmer delivers with the title track: ”Music Is Life” a song that speaks of solidarity and shows that music heals wounds and is the best medicine. The message is underlined by a beautiful video clip in the green hills of Jamaica.


With “Jah Lebt” (Jah Lives) the German crew Raggabund is chanting that “Jah” is real and alive and that we shouldn't be intimidated by anything. The music was recorded by the Swiss backing band ”The Dubby Conquerors”. “Music Is Life” indeed has come full circle because this riddim is as emotionally and sonically relevant as it ever was. 


The “Music Is Life Riddim” EP will be released on December 17th 2021 on the Swiss label One Camp Records and is available on all download and streaming platforms.

Music is life - sycorah
Sycorah - Tell Me How You Feel - ONECAMP.jpg

One Camp records presents the new single “Tell Me How You Feel” by Sycorah.

With her authentic and unmistakeable voice, Sycorah (pronounced si-core-ah) performs the song acoustic style which was deliberately chosen so listeners can get the full experience of her voice.

Choosing the positive side of love, Sycorah shares the story of a young woman who has met her love interest but before she goes any further, she wants to know how he feels.  She sings “and all the time when we’re on the phone / you got me thinking like I want to be with you alone / I’ve never had a feeling like this boy / tell me how you feel about me….”

About her music, producer Elijah Salomon says “Sycorah is one of the brightest talents we’ve come across.  She has an authentic approach to music that can’t be described in words but can be heard in her music.  As soon as people hear her voice, they connect and that’s what music is about.  Connecting!”

Sycorah is a star and we are proud to present her new single that will be released Friday 28th of September 2018. Get it here.

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