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Elijah salomon 
& joe ARIWA


An apprentice of Mad Professor in Ariwa Studios. Joe Ariwa is a young sound engineer / producer brining a youthful, fresh & exciting style to dub music! Growing up in the South East of London Joe was heavily influenced by various styles of music such as reggae, hip hop, soul,

garage & electronica, all of which can be highlighted in his work


Multifaceted artist & songwriter mixing roots reggae with different styles of music like dub, latin, soul and world music. He’s deeply rooted in his hometown Zurich, and up to today, the multicultural city is the source of his music and inspiration.


Tour Availability: 

March - May 2024 | Club Tour Europe / UK

June - September 2024 | Festivals Europe  / UK


Travel party:

Live Dubshow: 2 People

Live Dubshow with band: 6 people


Dub, Reggae, Jungle

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